Weather report November / December

The weather for November, after a flood warning on the 22nd, the river rose to 21 inches after being low all year. The total rain for the month was 68mm (2.67inches) temperatures ranged from -3 to 15C,  barometer pressures from 29.01 to 30.06 .


The weather for December saw an early snowfall of between 7 to 12 inches on the 9th and 10th,  the total rainfall was 66mm (2.60 inches,

temperatures ranged from - 12 C at night to 13 C daytime. Barometer pressures ranged from 28.76 to 30.04. The river rose to 34 inches on the 14th.


Comparison rainfall, Nov 2016 106mm (4.17 inches) Dec 35mm (1.37 inches).

Total rainfall for 2016 was 774mm (30.49inches) and 2017 689mm 

(27.14 inches).


Doug Tantrum reporting from Kingfisher House.

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