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Latest Issue - September 2020

Eardisland Parish Magazine September2020


For the benefit of any future historian thumbing through the yellowing pages of this magazine from the parish of Eardisland, the country, indeed the world, has suffered a pandemic. The year 2020 saw the spread of a coronavirus, specifically Covid-19 aka Sars-Covid-19. The effect in England was a lockdown starting in March with severe restrictions on movement, working and the introduction of ‘social distancing’ (more accurately ‘physical’ distancing). At the time of writing, these measures have been relaxed somewhat in the hope that life and the economy will find the ‘new normal’, whatever that turns out to be. However, it is likely that the disease will be endemic, and we will face local flare-ups. Vaccination may be available at some point in the future, but the efficacy and permanence have yet to be established. Alarmingly, around 15% of UK citizens say they will not have it if it’s available, and roughly 30% in the USA.

The impact upon Eardisland has been varied. Children have just returned to school, having missed months of education, as have college students. Many people of working age have been furloughed or worked from home. Shopping has been disrupted. There have been endless difficulties in visiting relatives. And so on and on.

However, there has been a bright side. People have pulled together to assist in the basics of living. The Community Shop, for example, has provided a service throughout the pandemic. Share a Care volunteers have helped where help was needed, and numerous acts of kindness have shown what a good community this is. There have been similar stories across the country that show resilience in the face of adversity.

Eardisland has seen a large number of visitors, often on bikes or on foot. Whilst this is to be welcomed and benefits the local economy, there are the fewwho do not abide by the usual rules of behaviour, who drop litter, leave mess after their dogs, open gates but don’t close them, picnic in places where they shouldn’t be and leave others to remove the remnants. One local farmer contacted me to ask that I refer to this unacceptable behaviour and I am sure that there are many others who would agree with condemnation. This is not unique to Eardisland, though. Devon and Cornwall have been flooded with ‘staycationers’ – I know this because I went to see my sister’s family near Plymouth towards the end of August, and the village in which Ruth and I lived for short time was crowded to the point that it was practically impossible to park anywhere.

The three hospitality businesses in Eardisland, The Cross Inn, Rita’s Tearooms and The White Swan have suffered badly this year, firstly from the floods in February and then Covid-19, which closed them down completely. But, to their enormous credit, all three have made every effort to rejuvenate their businesses and are slowly but surely recovering from the twin disasters.

The future is uncertain, but children are back to school and work practices are evolving to cope with changed circumstances. I’m sure we wish all young people the very best, whether they are starting or continuing their education. As life changes, I am confident that we will adapt to the new circumstances.

On a more prosaic level, I am very grateful to all contributors to this magazine and the supportive messages I have received. I have submitted proposed publication dates for 2021 to Eardisland Parish Council and I will publish the agreed dates in the November edition, all being well. The dates are essentially the same as 2020, allowing for calendar change.

For obvious reasons associated with Covid-19, there are no diary dates apart from the next copy date for this magazine and the Parish Council dates – meetings of the EPC are currently conducted by Zoom.

The work at Lawton Cross has started, at long last, and is destined to go on for weeks. Information about the timescale for road closures was sent to all residents. Leominster can be accessed by taking Teapot Lane to Kingsland, through the village (I bet Kingslanders will love this!), thence to the B4360 towards Morrisons. Alternatively, leave the village in the Pembridge direction and go to Barons Cross via the A44.

In the meantime, thanks to all the volunteers in many capacities that make the village what it is.

It is with very great sadness that I have just received the news that George Alderson has died suddenly. Our condolences go to family and friends. There will be an obituary in the November edition or as soon as possible.

Chris Bivand



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