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New issues of the Parish Magazine will not be published until after the Coronavirus pandemic.

Latest Issue - March 2020

Eardisland Parish Magazine March 2020


Sitting in Tenerife in mid-February, in balmy 24°C weather, I was wondering what I could write in the upcoming editorial in this edition. A telephone call to my neighbour, Peter Atkinson, left me in no doubt at all. Some of the worst floods in living memory had hit the UK, and this general area in particular. Arrow Bank had flooded, as had so many others.
We arrived home to find a rather soggy house. The muddy water had been in, to a depth of about a foot (say 30 cm). It was then that ‘village life’ swung into action, with friends, neighbours helping with labour, advice and equipment. The E-Team arrived to cut up sodden carpet, furniture was moved, a skip shared. Within ten days or so, we were dry and relatively clear of mud. It will take time to do some redecoration, but so what?
I know that many people in the village benefited from the kindness of others, a story that is replicated across the county and further afield. It’s all rather reassuring.
Then we have Covid 19 (coronavirus). At the time of writing, it hasn’t reached the local area, but there is a good chance it will. By this stage you will all be familiar with the medical advice. Don’t panic, be conscious of hygiene and wash your hands thoroughly several times a day, especially after going out. When hand washing, don’t forget that your thumb is ‘half a hand’, because you can touch all your fingers with your thumb, so it deserves special attention.
If it does arrive and you are unfortunate enough to be affected, don’t go out, phone 111 and ask advice. Try to avoid your surgery or hospital unless it is a real emergency. Phone neighbours (don’t visit) – food can be left outside for you whilst you recover. Community spirit will prevail!

Chris Bivand



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