Function and Composition of the PCC

There have been some queries recently as to the function and composition of the PCC (the Parochial Church Council) so it seemed a good idea to try to explain this to the parish both on the website, and in the parish magazine.
The following explanation sets out the powers of the PCC:-

“The PCC (Parochial Church Council) is an elected body from those listed on the church electoral roll. This is the roll of lay-persons over 16 years of age who are baptised and actual communicant members of the Church of England or any church in communion with the Church of England.

The Synodical Government Measure 1969 sets out a number of functions of the PCC, of which the overarching one is:
"co-operation with the incumbent in promoting in the parish the whole mission of the Church, pastoral, evangelistic, social and ecumenical."

PCC powers transferred in 1919 from the old 'vestry meetings' relate to
1. The financial management of the church.
2. The care, maintenance and insurance of the fabric of the church and its goods and ornaments.
3. The care and maintenance of the churchyard.

The PCC also has powers conferred on it (as distinct from those transferred) which include.
1. Acquiring, managing and administering property for the ecclesiastical purposes of the parish.
2. The power to frame an annual budget.
3. The power to levy and collect a voluntary church rate for church purposes.
4. The power to contact the Bishop with regard to any matter affecting the welfare of the parish church.

It also has joint power with the incumbent
1. to appoint or dismiss the parish clerk (secretary) and sexton and to determine the salaries and conditions of service of these officers.
2. to determine the objects for which monies collected in church are to be allocated.

In addition, the PCC has the right to be consulted about the forms of worship used in the parish.”

The members of the PCC of the church of St Mary the Virgin, Eardisland are:-

Members of the PCC 
Michael Coleburn - Secretary - 301544 388486
Richard Kirby - Lay Co-Chair - 01544 388810
Annette Blyth - Organist - 01544 388241
Lotty James
Hannah Vernon
John Hope
Joyce Sabine
Alister Hoda
Beryl Hoda - Churchwarden 01544 388131
Dian Cope - Churchwarden 01544 388317


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