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Eardisland has several Pilates groups, classes are held in the village hall and meet throughout the week.

Please see details below and contact the tutors directly if you have any queries.


Fitness Pilates

A non impact workout open to ladies and men over the age of 16.  The class covers standing work and mat work and encourages an improvement in posture, muscle strength, flexibility and core control.  Different options are given during the class to cover all levels of fitness and to enable members to reach their potential and goals.  

Venue: Eardisland Village Hall

Time: Every Tuesday 9.45am - 10.45am AND 11.10am - 12.10pm

Contact: Barbara Kay

Tel: 01544 388697

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Pilates with Dawn Arkell

Dawn has been running her popular classes in Eardisland since 2011 and teaches in 5 different venues locally.

Venue: Eardisland Village Hall

Time: Wednesday 10am - 11am AND 11.30am - 12.30pm and Friday 10am - 11am AND 11.30am - 12.30pm

Contact: Dawn Arkell

Tel: 01568 615239

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In the 12th century and then for a period of 240 years, the population of Eardisland paid tithes to help support and maintain an abbey in La Vieille Lyre, Normandy, in northern France. This historical fact was uncovered by an Eardisland resident in 2004 and following encouragement by the mayor of the French town, small delegations made visits to each other's communities. Following several larger exchange visits the two locations officially twinned in June 2007.

La Vieille Lyre

La Vieille Lyre

Twinning meal

Twinning meal

The close tie has resulted in many personal friendships and a greater understanding of each others culture and language, with particular benefit for the younger members of each community.

The association holds regular themed social events, with profits helping towards the cost of hosting our French friends when visiting Eardisland.

For updates on events and visits please see the latest news section or the diary.

Click here for a link to a website about the history of La Vieille Lyre. It's in French but your browser should be able to translate it into English.


Ruth Brinton-Bivand (Administrator)

07773 706147
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Twinning Garden

As part of the Eardisland in Bloom program for 2009 villager Derek Wareham initiated the Twinning Garden on what was once a rather unkempt area of land adjacent to the pavement near the Dovecot. This was transformed by a group of volunteers into a colourful area to commemorate the villages twinning with La Vieille Lyre.

Twinning garden plaque

Twinning garden plaque

The Trust was formed to support and help young people financially with the costs of Further Education up to and including the age of 23 years. Applicants must live in the Parish of Eardisland or have done so within the last 2 years.

The Trust can help with non-consumable expenses such as course books. Where further education is a course leading to a career we may be able to help in some way providing an essential item or tool for use there after. All applications are received in confidence and all recipients of any award remain anonymous.

To apply, please contact the Chairman (details below) or any of the other trustees who are:

Mr John Gittoes 01568 614043
Mrs Melanie Gittoes 01544 388681
Mr John Hope 01544 388504
Mrs Wendy Priday 01544 388570
Mrs Amanda Vernon 01544 388692
Ms Jane Watson


Mrs Melanie Grittoes (Chairman)
01544 388681

Charity No. 527245

Formed in 1919 by Mrs Mary Watters and Mrs Edith Smith who were the Grandmother and Mother of the late Mrs Pat Roche.

We have speakers on varied topics, enjoy crafts such as card making, floral art etc. We take part in W.I. group shows exhibiting photographs, art, needle work in many forms, cookery, wine and of course jam making.

Schedule of Meetings

Second Monday each month in the committee room in the Village Hall except in August.


Mrs Mavis Tantrum,
Kingfisher House,
Tel. 01544 387972
Secretary Eardisland WI


Other Links:

Hereford WI: click here
The WI organisation: click here
Denman College: click here


© The National Federation of Women's Institutes. Charity registration No. 803793

Eardisland Village Show has a long history, and has been going strong since it’s revival in 2003. It provides an opportunity for people in the local area to exhibit their home grown produce, handicraft, and artistic and culinary skills, and continues to be an integral part of village life. There is a section for children and a very well entered photography category. There is also a creative writing section, which attracts more entries each year.

A measure of interest taken is that in a parish numbering approximately 400 people the 2008 show attracted over 300 entries. The Show is in the Village Hall, is non-profit making and is self-financing.

The committee meets three times a year and the show held in the village hall in September.


Joanne South (Secretary) 01544 387 698

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