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Eardisland Community Shop has been a part of the life of this village for over a decade, thanks to the wonderful volunteers who turn up to serve in it. Because of dedicated helpers, it even continued all through the pandemic, either as a delivery service or fully open with reduced hours. We hope to have enough staff to stay open for longer after Easter. We would like to thank the newcomers to the village who have volunteered their services and helped so much to keep the shop going recently.

We are always asking for new volunteers and need them to spread the load, but of course a crucial way of keeping our community shop going is to shop there and use it to buy items between big stock ups from the supermarket.

The shop committee is keen now to look to the future. We would very much like to support the efforts of the Environment and Sustainability group to make this parish a greener community. Everyone is aware of the increasingly devastating effects of climate change and while individually we can only do a little, collectively we can do enough to make a difference. The shop has a number of lines which are eco friendly such as Bio loo cleaner, fabric conditioner and fabric wash. Also Faith in Nature shampoo and conditioner and Eco waste bags. Look out for promotions on these products as we are keen to sell them at competitive prices. Wherever possible we buy from local firms so that their produce has not travelled a long way.

The list is impressive:

  • Old Pearmain apple juice.
  • Bearwood Honey.
  • Monkland cheese.
  • Franks biscuits.
  • Parry’s fruit and veg.
  • Two Farmers crisps.
  • Free range eggs, jam, marmalade and pickles from Country Flavours.
  • Ice cream from Bennett’s and Kelsmor.
  • Bread and cakes from Swifts.
  • Bacon, ham, sausages from Tudges and Quarry Farm who also supply sausage rolls and pasties.
  • Brick House fruit juices.
  • Soft fruit from Moorcroft
  • Pitch Farm Milk, cream, orange juice and yoghurt from Teme dairy.
  • Drinks in glass bottles from Radnor.
  • Marmalade from Sallys Pantry.

However, while we are striving to make the shop more eco friendly and responsibly sourced we are also mindful that it needs to serve the village community. Some of the eco products are more expensive and less convenient. We can’t offer cheap bacon any more as we are concerned about animal welfare but we have made sure that we continue to sell store cupboard essentials at very reasonable prices so that if you run out of an ingredient the shop should have it; if you fancy an inexpensive treat without having to travel to town, the shop will have it. We would like to hear ideas from you if there is anything else you would like us to stock regularly.

One of our aims is to reduce the amount of plastic we use and we are attempting to phase it out little by little. The far reaching harmful effects of our dependence on plastic are well documented. This is one area where every little thing an individual does to reduce their use of plastic actually makes a difference to the well being of the planet. We have stopped selling soap in plastic pump bottles and reduced the number of plastic drink bottles. We research products and we stock environment-friendly alternatives whenever possible. A good example of this is the Two Farmers crisps provided by a local firm featured recently on television and praised for their farming methods and their compostable bags. We are able to sell these at a competitive price so do come and try them. We would love to hear of any ideas you may have to help us reduce our use of plastic.

Together we can all contribute to limiting the effects of climate change. Please help your shop to play its part.

Eardisland Community Shop Committee. (Written by Sue Wallis)

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