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Twinning Meeting

In the 12th century and then for a period of 240 years, the population of Eardisland paid tithes to help support and maintain an abbey in La Vieille Lyre, Normandy, in northern France. This historical fact was uncovered by an Eardisland resident in 2004 and following encouragement by the mayor of the French town, small delegations made visits to each other's communities. Following several larger exchange visits the two locations officially twinned in June 2007.

La Vieille Lyre

La Vieille Lyre

Twinning meal

Twinning meal

The close tie has resulted in many personal friendships and a greater understanding of each others culture and language, with particular benefit for the younger members of each community.

The association holds regular themed social events, with profits helping towards the cost of hosting our French friends when visiting Eardisland.

For updates on events and visits please see the latest news section or the diary.

Click here for a link to a website about the history of La Vieille Lyre. It's in French but your browser should be able to translate it into English.


Ruth Brinton-Bivand (Administrator)

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The Twinning Garden

As part of the Eardisland in Bloom program for 2009 villager Derek Wareham initiated the Twinning Garden on what was once a rather unkempt area of land adjacent to the pavement near the Dovecot. This was transformed by a group of volunteers into a colourful area to commemorate the villages twinning with La Vieille Lyre.

Twinning garden plaque

Twinning garden plaque

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