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Latest Issue - November 2023

Eardisland Parish Magazine November 2023


After I received the Parish Council text from the Parish Clerk, I learnt that Cllr. Merry Albright had resigned. This seems remarkably soon after the May election. The PC is now in the process of following the legal procedure for her replacement. Thanks to Merry for her contribution as a councillor.

We seem to be in a new era of consumerism, a non-stop parade of ‘shopping opportunities’. Which reports that many of the cheap offers have been even better value at other times of the year. Its advice is to be very careful with ‘special offers’, which may not be special at all.

Alongside all these offers is the ever-present risk of fraud. The internet has provided many advantages but, sadly, opportunities for tricksters. I have reported some of these over the years, unfortunately they are particularly prevalent at this time of year. Please be careful, especially with credit card fraud. Remember, banks and official bodies, including the police, will NEVER ask for your financial details. Why would a bank ask for your details? They have them already. If you are suspicious, do not engage on the internet or phone. Log off or put down the phone and phone your bank’s fraud department, ideally on a different device, if you have one.

As always at this time of year, thank you to all those who make the Eardisland Parish Magazine possible, by writing, supporting or delivering. Without you there would be no magazine.

Finally, I wish everyone a very Happy Christmas and New Year.

Chris Bivand

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