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Latest Issue - May 2022

Eardisland Parish Magazine May 2022


I am sorry to report the death of David Blatchford. There is a poem about David written by Stan Blatchford on page 4 – the picture was taken at the London Eye.

The renovations to the Village Hall have now largely been completed and the resulting kitchen is stunning. The project took a very long time to plan, including a public consultation, fund and execute. It is a huge credit to all those people who were involved, not least of all by the most incredible work in securing funds. So, a very big thanks to the Eardisland Village Hall Management Committee and everyone who was involved in whatever capacity.

Over the past months, you cannot have missed the roadworks in the village to put in ducting, which will eventually house fibre cable for quicker internet connections. The next phase will be up Lyme Lane from the main road, starting on Wednesday 11th May. This neatly leads me on to the next point, which is the OFCOM website information about the planned transfer of all telephones that use copper cable landlines to digital. The projected date for completion is the end of 2025, after which time the phones (not mobiles) that we use at home or office will not work.

This may well not be as dramatic as it sounds, but the change now seems inevitable. There are potential difficulties with VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol). One is the cost – telephone users will need an internet connection and new phone(s), although all new technologies reduce in cost over time, money will be involved. The second major problem is internet connections depending on mains power. Therefore, in a power cut, there is no phone without some form of backup. Whether or not the timescale works remains to be seen. I will, of course, keep you updated on developments so that you can plan.

Chris Bivand

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