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Latest Issue - September 2021

Eardisland Parish Magazine September 2021


I have heard of the deaths of two people. Elizabeth (Betty) Mary Williams, whose obituary is on page 4. Also, Roger Fenna who was a regular visitor to the Community Shop, a supporter of Eardisland in Bloom, and a visitor to Parish Council meetings. Roger was a highly respected camera supervisor who worked on many TV shows, including ‘Top of the Pops’. Our condolences go to family and friends.

This month sees some important changes to the Highway Code These will affect all road-users, pedestrians, cyclists and motorists. I imagine there will be plenty of publicity, so I won’t detail things here. Please keep an eye out, for these are important. Whilst mentioning roads, this month also sees the introduction of E10 petrol (this does not apply to diesel vehicles). E (ethanol) and 10 (10%) will be the new ‘normal’ fuel. Check your vehicle’s handbook to see if your vehicle is compatible – cars after 2010 should be, with some exceptions. Most importantly, E10 is very unlikely to be suitable for garden machinery – strimmers, mowers, etc. In which case, use ‘super’ unleaded, which is now (mainly) E5. E10 can rot plastics and rubber seals in the supply system, so it is vital to know the correct grade if you want to keep your appliances running.

At the end of August, the village saw the return of the Duck Races, which were blessed with good weather and a large, enthusiastic, crowd. The event was a great success and raised in excess of £1400, which is a greatly needed boost for the Village Hall finances.

The other hugely successful event has been the Village Show. As the Duck Races, the weather was kind, the hall was well filled with exhibits and the recreation ground had various stalls with people enjoying the fine weather.

The organisers of both events are very grateful to all those who gave of their time to make these occasions such a pleasure.

In this magazine, and as a separate insert, there is a copy of ‘Who’s Who and Organisations’. I am very grateful to Patricia for getting all this together. It takes a surprising amount of time not only to collect the relevant information, but to collate it in a useful form. The information would normally be published annually, but Covid made this unrealistic in 2020. Please keep the insert for reference. I will publish any updates, but this depends on people letting me know of changes. Please email me if you know of any amendments.

Finally, I understand that Hugh Vernon received his BEM award at the beginning of September: he thoroughly deserves the award.

Chris Bivand



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